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Our Products

At Aetas Systems, we firmly believe in cost effective solutions which meet customer's needs. Our solutions are built around those brands which we represented.

Satellite Systems & TVRO

The company has full capability in deployment of both satellite and TVRO Systems. For satellite systems, the company has extensive

experiences with SeaTel Maritime Antenna, Terrestrial VSAT Network and Fleet Broadband Systems.

For TVRO, the company has full capability with both maritime and land based applications that comes fully with signal distribution network. The

company is also able to provide the essential decoders with subscription for maritiime applications. 

DVB-T Transmitter

DVB-T will be the next phase terrestrial broadcasting with the ITU phasing out the analog transmitters under a worldwide initiatives. With an

extensive experience behind the company in deploying DVB-T Transmitters, customer can be assured of a responsive aftersales service and

on-time roll out.

Microwave Radios Systems


Airaya is a world renowed microwave radios which is known for its robustness and reliability. We have extensive track records in the deployment of

radios systems for homeland security and defense customers. With a wide range of frequency selection, Airaya radios will meet most customers'

operational requirements in terms of cost and technical specifications.





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